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Frustration over Potential Changes to Import Regulations

Proposed Changes to Calculating Duty

Changes Coming to how Imported Goods are Valued? Proposed Changes to Calculating the Value of your Imported Goods For Canadian import businesses, staying up-to-date with regulations is crucial to maintaining a smooth and compliant importing process.  Canada's government has proposed changes which could significantly impact the way businesses calculate the

by Clayton Castelino
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BC Longshore Workers Strike

BC Longshore Workers Strike The International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada (ILWU) workers walked off the job on July 1st after giving 72 hours strike notice on June 28th. Talks had been ongoing with the British Columbia Maritimes Employers Association (BCMEA) since February to renew the collective agreement which expired at


Importing Rice into Canada

Importing Rice into Canada Importers have contacted us with many questions relating to importing rice into Canada, such as what are the license requirements, or what are the taxes? Purchasing food internationally for import into Canada for human consumption can seem like an intimidating venture so here’s some helpful info


How to Calculate the Value of your Goods

How to Calculate the Value of your Goods The Different Methods of Determining Valuation Customs valuation is a significant part of the importation process. It is a procedure that is applied in determining the correct value of goods to be imported. This is the base value which the Canada Border


Canada Announces a Ban on Russian Aluminum and Steel Products

Canada Bans Imports of Russian Aluminum and Steel Products Effective immediately, Canada is no longer allowing imports of aluminum and steel products that originated in Russia. The US has also announced a 200% tariff on the import of products that contain aluminum from Russia. Both steps were taken in response


Canada Bans Single-Use Plastics

Canada Bans Certain Single-Use Plastics Canada has joined a handful a countries around the world that have placed a ban on single use plastics. This means that once the ban in place, certain plastic products will not be allowed to be manufactured, sold, exported, or imported into Canada.There is increasing


Key Players Involved When Importing Into Canada

Key Players Involved When Importing Into Canada Importing into Canada involves several key players. Knowing how the supply chain works will help you make the right decisions, cut costs, and avoid legal troubles. Even if you’re a seasoned importer, a complete know-how of the parties involved can help you move forward with confidence.


A Guide to Importing Jewellery Into Canada

A Guide to Importing Jewellery Into Canada Even if there are many excellent jewellery stores in Canada, it's human nature to wonder whether you might save a little money by crossing the border. Of course, there are times when you can save a lot by importing jewellery into Canada, but it shouldn't be the only


Guide to Choosing the Right Product to Import

Guide to Choosing the Right Product to Import The goal of any business is to make profits, regardless of what it’s offering. To make bigger profits in the import and export business, you need to make the right decisions from the beginning. This begins by choosing the right product to


Protection against Counterfeit Goods Imports

Protection against Counterfeit Goods Imports How the CBSA can protect you from Counterfeit Good Imports Counterfeiting has become a significant problem for brands and businesses. Counterfeit products not only compromise the reputation of affected brands but also pose health and safety risks to consumers. There is also the the economic

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