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What Does a Customs Broker Do?

Before deciding if you need a Customs Broker, it is important to understand what Orbit Brokers can do for you or your company. Orbit Brokers can help clients by providing solutions to any aspect of the supply chain while assisting importers in clearing goods into Canada. Orbit Brokers help by;

  • Assessing the duties and taxes on products
  • Liaising with government departments for regulated products
  • Preparing and submitting the customs release entry to Canada Border Services Agency
  • Arranging warehousing, delivery and international freight

Let’s look more in depth into these topics to find out why Customs Brokers are a valuable asset for importers.  

Assessing Duties and Taxes

Once a Customs Broker is given a full description of the goods along with its country of origin and country of manufacture, they can determine the HS code. HS Code stands for Harmonized System and was developed by the World Customs Organization to describe any good being shipped. Once you have an HS code, that will determine the duty rate. Customs Brokers also take into account any trade agreements that can help reduce duty rates paid on imported goods.

Other Government Departments

Customs Brokers deal mainly with one branch of the government, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), which oversees international trade for Canada. However, depending on the type of good being imported, other government departments could also have requirements. Some examples are the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Health Canada, and Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN). Depending on the type of goods involved, some goods require permits prior to import. Orbit Brokers can help clients navigate these requirements.

Preparing and Submitting Customs Release

Most importantly, Customs Brokers’ main duty is to obtain the customs release on goods for clients that they represent. This involves creation and transmission of a customs entry to CBSA. Once the entry has been approved and payment for outstanding duties and taxes have been secured, CBSA will choose to examine or release the shipment. Once CBSA has released the shipment, the goods can be picked up for distribution.

Supply Chain Solutions

Orbit Brokers can also assist with the various aspects of the supply chain, from arranging international freight, warehousing, local transport, to helping with Customs Audits. Because of this assistance, along with the above noted reasons, Orbit Brokers are a valuable asset for anyone looking to import goods into Canada.

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