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Amazon Importer: Fidget Spinners


Interested in expanding their product base from Thailand to Canada, our client turned to Amazon Canada to sell their products online. While the platform made it convenient for them to reach a Canadian market, they soon found out that the process of importing products for sale into Canada is much more complicated than the click of a button. As such, our client reached out to us to assist them with clearing their products through customs.


Our client commenced the process of getting his product, fidget spinners, to Amazon Canada on his own. However, the shipping carrier contracted by our client encountered a problem getting the packages into Canada. Neither Amazon Canada nor the shipping company informed our client that compliance paperwork would be required upon arrival at the border in order for their products to be allowed into Canada. As a result, the packages were unable to enter Canada and get them to Amazon Canada.


Orbit Brokers was able to assist the client immediately. We aided the client with his customs paperwork in addition to registering him as a non-resident importer (NRI). Registering our client as an NRI required them to obtain a Canadian business number and complete additional paperwork. For full details on how to become an NRI please click here.


By contacting Orbit Brokers, the seller was able to get his shipment to Amazon Canada and comply with the time demands of their clients. With our fast and personal responses we are able to help the client ensure no business interruptions. Most importantly, we saved our client the hassle and headaches that can come along with importing products into Canada, especially as a first-time importer.

If you’re interested in selling your products in Canada through Amazon, contact Us today for assistance.

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