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Importing Cats into Canada

Imports of pet cats into Canada has been on the rise recently. With more people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, owning a pet is appealing. Choosing to import a cat into Canada can be a big decision to make. It is important to know the documentation requirements and the tax structure to ensure the customs clearance goes smoothly and without any surprises.

Documents Needed to Import Cats

There are some similarities between the requirements to import a dog and to import a cat. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is the government body that regulates the imports of all animals into Canada. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is responsible for administering these regulations. To import a cat into Canada for personal or commercial use, a valid rabies vaccination certificate is required. The certificate should be issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian. Cats less than 3 months of age at time of import are exempt from this requirement. Another document required for clearance is the invoice. CBSA needs the invoice for the purchase of the cat as that would be the price the taxes are based on. Finally, if the cat is coming to Canada by air, the air waybill is required.

Taxes on Imported Cats

There are no duties on imports of live cats into Canada. The taxes applicable would be assessed on the purchase price of the cat and would vary based on if you are importing as a personal pet or for commercial reasons. The CFIA considers commercial imports as cats imported for sale, breeding, show, exhibition or for scientific research. Personal imports of cats are subject to 13% HST or GST and PST depending on the province. Commercial imports of cats are subject to just the 5% GST on the purchase price. If the price on the invoice is not in Canadian dollars, it will be converted into Canadian dollars at the rate of exchange on the date of shipping.

Choosing to import a furry feline friend into Canada can seem like a daunting task. Making sure you have the correct documents in advance can help avoid issues on your cat’s arrival in Canada. Contact us today for more info or click here if you would like a free quote on our charges to clear your cat.

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