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It is my great pleasure and honour to write a review for Orbit Brokers about the great service they provide. This was my first shipment coming by sea and I was a bit worried about the process. But to my surprise, Clayton of Orbit Brokers made it so simple and easy with a couple of emails and the job was "DONE". Thank you very much Clayton and all the best
Shahid Siddiqui
Attrell Toyota
Some things in business just cannot be overlooked and must be addressed; the dealing I have had with Orbit Brokers is one of them.
I have been in business for 15 years now and lately have gotten quite discouraged with the lack of both professionalism and etiquette found in the workplace as a whole. May I say, Clayton has exhibited both these qualities in exceeding abundance. The personable, courteous manner in which he has conducted himself through quick and thorough responses via telephone and email has been absolutely refreshing to say the very least.
Kent Foley
You are such a joy to work with. I really appreciate how smoothly things go when working with you.
Shawndra Illingsworth
Sales Associate
Thanks for all your help.
It was a pleasure dealing with your company and look forward to future business. We have another shipment coming by boat from Jakarta and I have passed on that information to that department in your company as well.
Scott Taylor
Hello, I'm happy to see that the option of EMT was available to me to pay my invoice.
Your company and staff are simply awesome compared to the service level I am accustomed to with my previous service provider.
I wish to express my appreciation for the great job you have done. With your prompt service we received our shipment on time and beyond our expectations!
Thank you again for your cooperation.
Dahlia Alramlawi
Sales Manager
Thank you for all you have done to facilitate the arrival and delivery of my container. It is the best X Mas, birthday and Mother's day all rolled into one!
I wish you all the best with your business and look forward to doing business with you next year.
Barbara Sutherland
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