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Having started a successful business importing backpacks from China into South America, our client was interested in expanding into Canada. Since he was unfamiliar with the Canadian customs clearance process, he opted to hire a reliable, timely, and cost-effective customs broker to ensure a smooth and accurate import process. He came across Orbit Brokers online and contacted us to inquire about the cost of shipping goods from China to Canada. He had already inquired with two other customs brokers about ocean freight, brokerage and local delivery, and found our rates to be significantly cheaper. Given that information, he decided to choose Orbit Brokers to help guide him through the customs clearance process.


Our client was having a very difficult time obtaining all the information required for shipment from his vendor. This was largely because his vendor was based in Chile, but the factory itself was located in China. On top of this, he had never imported into Canada before. He was in need of guidance to help him understand the classification, duty rates, and protocol for Canadian imports. He did not want to run the risk of a delayed shipment due to not having the proper documentation in place when it came to clearing his products through Canadian customs.


Orbit Brokers obtained all the information required for shipment that our client was having difficulty receiving himself. To do this, we contacted the factory directly in China to discuss the shipment rate. Once the rate was approved, he was able to work with his vendor to begin shipping his products into Canada. When they arrived on Canadian soil, Orbit Brokers ensured that they were cleared through customs as smoothly and quickly as possible. Because of Orbit Broker’s deep network of expertise, our client was able to get the information and documentation required to receive his goods well ahead of schedule.


Orbit Brokers used their worldwide network of agents to obtain the most cost effective methods of international shipping to help our client receive his goods on time and without running into any problems. At Orbit Brokers, we encourage communication with our clients not only so they understand the customs process, but also so they know how savings can be made. When it comes to your shipments, we understand the importance of making sure everything is in order in advance to avoid potentially costly delays.

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