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What is a Canadian Customs Broker?

Try to recall the last time you were lining up at customs. No doubt there were various forms and declarations involved, which may have taken some time to complete, that were even a little bit head-scratching. When shipments of goods are cleared through customs, the paperwork is usually tenfold. Fortunately, a Canadian customs Broker exists to take this task off your hands.

Streamlining International Importation Clearance

A Canadian customs broker is licensed by the Canada Border Service Agency, which is responsible for customs services and enforcement on the Canadian border. Licensed brokers handle the numerous and often complex processes involved in clearing personal and commercial goods through customs at borders. Among other things, these processes may include preparing and submitting information pertaining to the following:

    • country of origin and destination
    •  tariff classifications
    •  suppliers and manufacturers
  •  intended use

They also take responsibility for securing relevant permits, calculating and paying taxes, as well as liaising with relevant government border agencies and authorities.

Well-versed in the intricacies of importing diverse goods across a wide range of industries, a Canadian customs broker is often affiliated with third-party freight forwarders, shipping, and storage companies. This makes them well-positioned to arrange local and international delivery of your shipment, as well as its safe and secure storage. In addition, the laws and regulations governing the international import and export of goods differ from country to country, and are constantly evolving. Customs brokers stay up-to-date on the changing legal landscape and ensure that all goods are transferred in accordance with the relevant requirements.

Why Do You Need a Canadian Customs Broker?

Clearing goods through customs can be an administrative headache at best, and a minefield at worst. Inexperienced or misinformed individuals or organizations can easily make costly mistakes if they fail to adhere to the appropriate customs conditions and obligations. These mistakes are not only time-consuming to rectify, but they can also lead to the imposition of financial penalties.

Hiring a customs brokerage firm to get the job done for you is the solution to this challenge. These firms ensure that all the proper procedures are followed, whilst expediting the process and mitigating any financial risk on your behalf. In doing this, they help to remove all worry from the equation.

Looking for a Reliable Canadian Customs Broker?

Whether you’re looking to import one shipment, or regular and high volume cargo, our professional and experienced team of Canadian customs brokers at Orbit Brokers has been providing clients across Canada and the USA with trusted and competitive customs clearance services for decades. For any queries about what we do or how we can benefit you, please call (905) 673-8798, and we’d be happy to help!

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