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What Does a Customs Broker Do?

What Does a Customs Broker Do? Before deciding if you need a Customs Broker, it is important to understand what Orbit Brokers can do for you or your company. Orbit Brokers can help clients by providing solutions to any aspect of the supply chain while assisting importers in clearing goods


Why You Should Hire a Customs Broker

The Donald and How He Could Trumpify Your Trade Anyone who has imported into Canada knows just how complicated the Canadian customs process can be. Attempting to navigate through the rules and regulations without prior knowledge is a next to impossible task. Though the process may seem straightforward, one missed

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What is a Canadian Customs Broker?

What is a Canadian Customs Broker? Try to recall the last time you were lining up at customs. No doubt there were various forms and declarations involved, which may have taken some time to complete, that were even a little bit head-scratching. When shipments of goods are cleared through customs, the

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