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BC Longshore Workers Strike

BC Longshore Workers Strike The International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada (ILWU) workers walked off the job on July 1st after giving 72 hours strike notice on June 28th. Talks had been ongoing with the British Columbia Maritimes Employers Association (BCMEA) since February to renew the collective agreement which expired at


Bonded Cargo

Bonded Cargo As Canadian Customs Brokers, we’ve cleared some shipments through Canada Customs recently that brought to light what exactly bonded cargo is and what effect it can have on the taxes you pay on imported goods. Consider your return from a vacation outside of Canada. You disembark from the


What is a Steamship Release?

What is a Steamship Release? The Customs release of your shipment is only one of the many steps in the supply chain. Another important step to obtaining your goods shipped internationally by ocean freight is the steamship release. The steamship release occurs when the terms of the bill of lading

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