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Bonded Cargo

Bonded Cargo As Canadian Customs Brokers, we’ve cleared some shipments through Canada Customs recently that brought to light what exactly bonded cargo is and what effect it can have on the taxes you pay on imported goods. Consider your return from a vacation outside of Canada. You disembark from the


What is a B3?

What is a B3? What is a B3 Coding Form? Importing commercial goods into Canada requires documentation and accounting for duties and taxes. The B3-3, or more commonly known as the B3, is a Canada Customs Coding Form that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) uses for this purpose. When


It’s All in the Details for Commercial Shipments

It’s All in the Details for Commercial Shipments Customs clearance can be complex, especially if you’re not used to the process.  With so many rules, regulations and restrictions in place, it can be difficult knowing what exactly is required when it comes to shipping your commercial products. Getting together the

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