Orbit Brokers is dedicated to providing you with an expert, personalized approach to customs clearance.

Our team of licensed customs brokers is here to guide you through every part of the Canadian customs clearance process.

Whether you require commercial services or have personal shipments, we are here to save you the time, money and hassle associated with customs clearance into Canada.

With over 25 years of experience, it’s what we do best!

30 Years of Customs Clearance

Our Services

Commercial Services

Canadian Customs Brokers Help Your Import Business Run Smoothly

Orbit Brokers is a Canadian customs broker focused on helping businesses and individuals import goods into Canada. We handle all the paperwork and legal regulations of importing, so you can focus on your business. Our job is to get all of your goods cleared through customs – quickly and correctly, the first time. With the expertise of our knowledgeable and certified Canadian customs brokers, you’ll never have to worry about delayed shipments, or hefty fines that come with incorrect paperwork, ever again. Most importantly, our Canadian customers brokers are experts at importing every product type, so contact Orbit Brokers for a free quote on your imports today!

Personal Shipping

Personal Shipments

Canadian Customs Brokers Get Your Personal Imports to You

At Orbit Brokers, our Canadian Customs Brokers ensure that your personal shipments get to Canada and to you, as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. Whether you’re returning to Canada or settling here, we ensure that you don’t pay any unnecessary duties and taxes on your goods. Orbit’s Canadian Customs Brokers have seen it all – from clothing and footwear, to large electronics and automobiles. With personal imports subject to GST, PST, HST and excise taxes, in addition to duty charges, our help and experience means that you’ll only pay what’s absolutely necessary – and nothing else. Contact Orbit for a free quote on your personal shipments today!

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Additional Services

Orbit’s Canadian Customs Brokers Can Handle All the Transportation

At Orbit Brokers, our Canadian Customs Brokers do more to ensure that your goods get through customs quickly, and cost-effectively. But at Orbit Brokers, we do even more to ensure that your goods are quickly and inexpensively delivered to you. We handle freight, warehousing and transportation – our specialty is in international shipping, and that’s how we’re able to offer you numerous ways to get your goods to you. We arrange freight shipments across North America, and we handle road, air or ocean shipments across the world. And if you don’t need your goods right away, we can store your shipment too. We work with warehouse operators to help store your shipment for any period of time. Ultimately, our Canadian Customs Brokers work not just until the paperwork is done, but until you’ve got your goods in your hands, ready to go. If you’d like to get a free quote, contact us today!

Our Blogs

What Our Happy Customers say

Shahid Siddiqui
Read More
It is my great pleasure and honour to write a review for Orbit Brokers about the great service they provide. This was my first shipment coming by sea and I was a bit worried about the process. But to my surprise, Clayton of Orbit Brokers made it so simple and easy with a couple of emails and the job was "DONE". Thank you very much Clayton and all the best
Scott Taylor
Read More
Thanks for all your help. It was a pleasure dealing with your company and look forward to future business. We have another shipment coming by boat from Jakarta and I have passed on that information to that department in your company as well.
Shawndra Illingsworth
Read More
You are such a joy to work with. I really appreciate how smoothly things go when working with you.
Kent Foley
Read More
Some things in business just cannot be overlooked and must be addressed; the dealing I have had with Orbit Brokers is one of them. I have been in business for 15 years now and lately have gotten quite discouraged with the lack of both professionalism and etiquette found in the workplace as a whole. May I say, Clayton has exhibited both these qualities in exceeding abundance. The personable, courteous manner in which he has conducted himself through quick and thorough responses via telephone and email has been absolutely refreshing to say the very least.
Read More
Hello, I'm happy to see that the option of EMT was available to me to pay my invoice. Your company and staff are simply awesome compared to the service level I am accustomed to with my previous service provider.
Dahlia Alramlawi
Read More
I wish to express my appreciation for the great job you have done. With your prompt service we received our shipment on time and beyond our expectations! Thank you again for your cooperation.
Barbara Sutherland
Read More
Thank you for all you have done to facilitate the arrival and delivery of my container. It is the best X Mas, birthday and Mother's day all rolled into one! I wish you all the best with your business and look forward to doing business with you next year.