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Our licensed customs brokers possess the experience and knowledge to help save you time, money and hassles with your personal imports – whether it’s clothing, appliances, electronics or even a motorized vehicle. And with personal imports subject to government charges including GST, PST, HST and excise taxes in addition to duty charges, our help can ensure you receive your goods at the lowest price.

Whether you’re returning to Canada from overseas or settling here, we’re here to help you every step of the way – contact us today for a free quote on your personal shipments!


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Why Choose Us?

In 1989, Henry Castelino and his son Roy founded Orbit Brokers and Forwarders Inc. with the intention of creating a family-run, Canadian customs clearance company for individuals wanting to import goods into the country. 

For over 30 years, Orbit Brokers has grown to become a customs brokerage for thousands looking for national customs clearance experts. Orbit Brokers helps importers avoid the stress and hassles of dealing with the Canada Border Services Agency.

Our experience and knowledge of personal goods imports saves clients time and money. Our vision is to provide a personalized, professional “face” to customs clearance.

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